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Everyone has a passion for something.

For some, it is watching NASCAR. For others, it is NFL football. Still others get excited about a particular evening TV program (or ‘personality’), their gardening, or whatever they’re freed to do on the weekends.
We who are members of Christian Center Ministries also want to be known for that one ‘thing’ that really ‘revs our engine’.
Realizing that, ultimately, God has created us for the accomplishment of His purposes on earth - in, and through, everything in our lives - we have adopted as our . .


“To lead people into a dynamic, Spirit-led, lifestyle with Jesus Christ as Lord.”

This ‘Mission Statement’ is the gage by which we measure our ‘success’ (or ‘failure’). Likewise, the message and the methods that we employ are all driven by . . .


We, the people of Christian Center Ministries, are called to increasingly become . . .

“A racially-diverse congregation of kingdom seekers who are passionate for the reign of God’s Word and God’s Spirit in our hearts, homes, church, and world.”

The leadership of Christian Center Ministries prays that this congregation will always be known for this one ‘passion’.
We love... God's Word... God's Spirit... God's People