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Pastor Jack Van Dyk

At the present time, the Christian Center Ministries (C.C.M.) congregation is being served by one full-time, ordained, Minister - the Rev. Jack Van Dyk.
‘Pastor Jack’, the title that he harkens to most frequently, came to C.C.M. in late August 2000.
Pastor Van Dyk was born into a faithful church-going family, and therefore, grew up well-acquainted with the Christian faith. He traces his spiritual birth, however, back to age 9 or 10 when he believes that he first heard the Gospel - of repentance from sin, and of faith in Jesus Christ - in a Bible Club outing.
“I didn’t pop a halo, or sprout angel wings, at that time.” Pastor Jack will often quip. “But I did experience a supernatural peace within as I believed with all my heart that Jesus had died on the cross and paid the price for my sins forever.”
A subsequent encounter with God and His grace during his High School years (while running Cross Country), and through Campus Crusade for Christ (as a college student at Michigan Technological University), further deepened Pastor Jack’s relationship with Christ Jesus.
Pastor Jack has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering (M.T.U.; 1982), and a Master of Divinity degree from The International School of Theology (1986).
Originally ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America (1988), Pastor Jack has served congregations in Pittsburgh, PA; East Williamson, NY; London, Ontario; and now, here, in Alexandria, Virginia. His present ministerial credential is held with the Northeast Presbytery
of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Pastor Jack still loves to run (3 or 4 times/week), enjoys eating sweet treats, delights in endless study (of things cultural, economic, and biblical) as he attempts to provide the very best for his wife and 5 children.
Come meet him this Sunday by joining with the congregation for worship. We think that you’ll grow to like him (and his humor) every bit as much as we do.